About us

Questions? Email sales@monetizeemerging.com 

The owner of Emerging Tech Brands has over 30 years of high-tech experience.  Most of our domains are relatively new dot com names (our focus is on the future, not the past 20 years).

We’ve made the buying process easy and risk free.  Offers for multiple domains will be entertained.  We will consider signing an NDA for those wishing to keep pricing or other terms confidential.

Our Scope: Emerging Tech Defined

> Proven technology with high growth potential (Cloud, Gaming, Drones, etc.)

> Early deployment with huge potential (5G, IoT, AI, etc.)

> Leveraged combinations (5G + Gaming, etc.)

> Mainstream deployment is TBD, but unlimited potential (Quantum Computing, Nano, etc.)

People and Money

Some of our domains include references to people or financials.  It takes money to invest in new technology, new use cases to fund development, and trained people to engineer, implement and support.

People attend conferences to learn about new use cases and best practices. Without enough subject matter experts, new tech comes to an expensive halt.

Our Target Market

We are targeting companies and investors looking to rapidly capitalize on emerging technology.  The domains have value because emerging tech companies have many billions at stake and money to invest where they can get an edge.

Who Cares About SDN? Just Give me 5G!

Do wireless consumers care about the underlying technology behind 5G? Not really, but they are NOT the only ones with money to spend.

SDN combined with 5G in a domain name DOES have meaning to Cisco, Dell, Ericsson, Intel and Qualcomm. They are in a high-stakes battle to sell billions of dollars worth of infrastructure products to corporations, governments and wireless carriers such as Verizon Wireless and AT&T.

I’ll Miss My Cable Company (Really?)

The domain "5Gcutcord.com" is valuable to wireless carriers. They will be in a heated battle with cable companies to deliver wireless broadband to homes and businesses.

The competitive mud throwing around 5G has already started and it is sure to intensify as we get closer to widespread 5G deployment.

Domains that hit the marketing bullseye will be important and valuable.

Even Einstein Was Confused

It’s hard for most people to comprehend the mind-bending physics underlying Quantum Computing. 

Even Einstein dismissed Quantum properties as “Spooky Action at a Distance”.  Yet, it has been leveraged in Quantum Computers (QC).

Companies and governments are investing billions to bring QC to market.

New Domains Added Weekly

New domains will be added every week in several emerging tech categories including 5G, Cloud, Quantum Computing, Drones, IoT and much more.