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VPN Entangled means the ultimate in data security over public networks. Entangled is a property of Quantum Physics, implemented in Quantum Key Distribution or QKD to guarantee that data hasn't been hacked. VPN means Virtual Private Network, an accepted method securing data over public networks.

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V2V SME means Vehicle to Vehicle communications Subject Matter Expert. An SME (pronounced SMEE) is someone that's at the top of their game in a particular field. The DEMAND for V2V SMEs is sure to GROW as the market for Self Driving Cars and other Autonomous Vehicles ramps up in the years to come.

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VPN is Virtual Private Network protects data networks against today's hackers. Quantum Key Distribution or QKD, takes it to the next level by leveraging the strange properties of Quantum Mechanics to insure that ENCRYPTION KEYS have not been COMPROMISED.

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QKD means Quantum Key Distribuion, the ultimate in Network Data Security. QKD leverages the strange properties of Quantum Mechanics to insure that ENCRYPTION KEYS have not been COMPROMISED.

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CV2V potential use as Cloud Vehicle to Vehicle communications. Cloud based infrastructure will play an increasing role as the wireless and data hub for the Internet of Things or IoT use cases including Autonomous Vehicles. This Domain has many potential uses in the markets for Self Drving Cars and other Autonomous Vehicles


5GV2V means 5G Vehicle to Vehicle communications. 5G wireless will play a huge role as an enabling technology for safe and reliable Self Driving Cars and other Autonomous Vehicles.


LIC is short for LONG ISLAND CITY, one of the sites originally chosen by Amazon for HQ2. Amazon pulled out, but it's in close proximity to NYC with significant potential for economic growth. Great way to PROMOTE 5G!

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To say 5G is a BOOM is an understatement!

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5G and FOLDABLE PHONES dominated CES 2019 in Las Vegas and MWC 2019 in Barcelona this year. 5G support will be a given in the years to come. Mobile phone giants Motorola, Samsung, Huawei have all annouced foldable phones; Apple, Google, LG and SONY are likely to enter the race.

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Monetize AR means to MONETIZE AUGMENTED REALITY. The AR market is exploding beyond entertainment and gaming to include training, manufacturing and more. To Monetize effectively will drive revenue, profit and innovation in a virtuous circle.

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Blockchain QKD means a blockchain ledger secured against hacking with Quantum Key Distribution. QKD is an emerging technology that leverages properties of Quantum Mechanics to insure that encryption keys are not compromised. While not yet available at scale, some believe that Quantum Computers will be able to break current encryption techniques. Companies and governments are starting to investigate options for securing networks and data against these potential threats. While the use case and underlying technology assumptions are not fully defined, this domain would be a great way to generate interest.

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